7 thoughts on “Trapped

    • Thanks, Mike! It’s actually a edge of a glass vase/pot filled with sand. I was amazed by the air bubbles trapped inside the glass, and the colour of the background as well. It’s another vase filled with coloured sand. I was very glad with my 40mm lens and the final result!


      • You are going to love it!!!! It’s my favourite lens, so far! I’ve been reading about a 50mm one, i just have to try it ou sometime. My next goal, though is a Ultra-Wide 10-24mm. I should be able to get it next month when i travel to the US. I can’t wait.


  1. Tomaz,
    What a wonderful shot! I love the color in the background and the pattern and texture of what I now know is the edge of the vase. Just wonderful. It’s a tricky composition to pull off, but you did it beautifully.


    • Thanks, Bob. I thought you would be interest in these textures! I have been trying to capture something from a head piece with feathers from the Amazon, for a week, now. I have not had the desired result yet, but i know you’ll love it. Let’s see if i succeed!


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